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March 3-4, 2017
Vanguard University,
Costa Mesa, CA  

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Compassionate Missionary Council


The implementation of the CMC helps to fulfill the vision of Executive Director Zollie Smith to develop two key factors within U.S. Missions to support compassionate ministry: (1) a Resource and Research Center and (2) a Compassionate Missionary Council. 

The Resource and Research Center houses a website for chaplains, missionaries, project volunteers, church leaders, and individuals interested in researching compassion topics and partnering in their communities for compassionate ministry.

The Council members represent various ministry areas across the United States. CMC member Jay Mooney, executive director of Assemblies of God COMPACT Family Services, is featured in the November 2015 Vital article, "Can We Solve the Orphan Crisis?" Recent PE News articles have featured the human trafficking rescue work of F.R.E.E. International (CMC Member Mike Bartel), the reconciliation ministry of People's Church of Cincinnati (CMC Member Chris Beard); and Chaplains Gary and Tammie Webb, who connect churches to the needs of foster youth in group homes. Rural Compassion (CMC Member Steve Donaldson) was also highlighted, partnering with a rural church to provide shoes for schoolchildren

The Council gives input in several ways:

  • Identify and provide available resources to agencies and organizations currently involved in ministries.

  • Plan strategies for prevention and collaborative initiatives.

  • Assist in developing best practices for different compassion areas.

  • Enhance support for outreach opportunities.

  • Promote engagement, awareness, and collaborative partners to effectively fulfill the Great Commission in America – making disciples for Jesus Christ, THAT NONE PERISH.


Compassionate Missionary Council Members

(click here for a brief member biographical summary; click each name to see the ministry website)







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