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November 12, 2017 is
Orphan Sunday


Community Clergy Training
from the VA -
Pastoral care for rural
veterans and families.
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Recent Articles

Recent Articles

Articles linked in this section are sorted by topic for convenience.  They are previewed by the Research & Resource office and presented as relevant to one or more areas of compassionate ministry. While care is taken not to include offensive material, some materials may not necessarily reflect the Assemblies of God position on that topic. These articles are suggested because they contribute information valuable to the understanding of a topic or may motivate further research. Parental discretion is always advised when students are using the Internet for research.

Addictions & Substance Abuse

"Just Lower the Branch: A Response to Autism" - new blog post from the CRCNA Disability Concerns network. Persons with autism have skills and creativity to offer, but may just need help with accessibility to those who would benefit from them. 

"Pastors in Recovery" - this Leadership Journal article explores the issues encountered by pastors dealing with addiction and living in recovery, including the impact on their ministry when they are transparent about their journey.

"The Opposite of Addiction Is Connection" - Although not written from a faith-based point of view, this article makes a strong case for the importance of connection and community in healing trauma and other influences that can lead to addiction. It is worth thinking about how the Church can respond!

"Astounding Amounts: Opioid Epidemic Filling Up Morgues" - Sobering numbers about the increase in opioid overdoses, including among senior citizens.  Article includes suggestions for talking with your doctor about possible alternatives for relief of chronic pain.

A consequence of addiction that isn't discussed much - the future social ramifications of a felony drug charge.  "What It's Like to Be A Mom When Google Knows You're A Felon."

From Covenant Eyes - "Paul Vs. Porn: How the Old Apostle Delivers A Death Blow to A Modern Addiction"

In "Leading in an Addicted World," the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture discusses the complicated spiritual and societal problems contributing to America's high rates of substance abuse, and what Christians can do to help point our culture toward truth.

"PE Conversations: The Porn Plague" - Executive Presbyter Beth Grant, former General Superintendent Thomas Trask, and Indiana Wesleyan University professor Todd Bowman discuss the issue of sexual and pornography addiction, particularly its effect on the lives of Christians who may struggle with it.

Adoption & Foster Care

"Fulfilling Forever Families" - In this PE News article, meet the founder of a ministry that allows women in recovery, recently released from incarceration, or fleeing an abusive situation, to keep their children with them in a homelike atmosphere while rebuilding their lives and learning parenting skills.

"A Providential Calling" - One family's foster and adoption journey that led to the founding of a home for additional children needing shelter following a crisis in their families.

"State Budget Cuts Put My Family at Risk" - As voters, the budget cut that makes the most sense is usually the one that doesn't affect us personally. An adoptive mom shares the impact of state budget cuts on the services that enable her kids, adopted from situations of trauma and abuse, to thrive.

"Power in our Choices" - A young woman shares her personal adoption journey and her thankfulness for her wonderful parents as well as for a birth mother who chose to give her a chance at a supportive family environment. From 7 Billion Ones.

"Let's Be the People Who Show Up on Saturday" - Beautifully honest blog post about how the adoption journey reflects the painful Saturday of Holy Week.

"Our Broken and Beautiful Adoption" - A mom shares the ups and downs of her family's decision to adopt-from-foster.

 "Why You Should Not Adopt" - From the HuffPost Parents page, a thoughtful discussion of why overseas adoption vs. local/foster adoption should not be an either/or battle, but your personal response to the fact that every needy child, regardless of location, is important to God.

Also from HuffPost Parents, an educator shares her perspective on the special needs and challenges of every child, and the battles and victories she sees in each child every day.  "Dear Parent: About THAT Kid" will give you new understanding into that kid--maybe a foster kid, maybe one with a medical issue or other challenge--and the teachers who are committed to doing their best with every kid, every day.


Study materials obtained through the Assemblies of God Center for the Blind help a woman establish a successful jail ministry:  Read "No Ministry Fears" in PE News.

Child Abuse

Blog post: "How to Deal with Abuse of My Children by Other Family Members" - A counselor offers valuable insight.

Blog post from the Denison Forum: "How to Help Kids Get Through Hard Times" - While many children exposed to trauma in their early years turn to crime or substance abuse in an effort to cope, many others do not. This post cites research indicating that the presence of a caring person, such as a relative, teacher, Sunday School teacher, social worker, etc., in the child's life, can make the difference.

Chronic or Debilitating Illness

From PE News: "Transparent with Tragedies" - A missionary couple share the story of their daughter's post-partum depression tragedy, in hopes of helping others get the help they need.  

A retired Air Force captain shares how he is able to live a full, enjoyable life in spite of a challenging health diagnosis in "You Get to Choose How You Will Handle M.S." - from the VA website.

"Chronic Pain and the Fullness of Joy" - is it possible to experience the joy of the Lord when living every day with pain? Read this testimony.

"My Pastor Told Me It Was A Sin Not to Feel Joy" - candid thoughts on what happens when churches ignore mental illness, and how simply acknowledging that it exists can make a powerful difference for sufferers and their families.

"Living the Miracle" - An Assemblies of God chaplain identifies personally with some of the patients he visits, as he continues to beat the odds of Stage 4 cancer.

From the health newsletter at, at look at possible reasons suicides are on the rise, and signs to watch for in your loved ones: "Suicides Are Surging"

 "I Almost Lost My Teen Daughters to Anorexia and Depression" - Candid story from a sometimes-overlooked perspective: the mother of the sufferer.

From the Denison Forum: "Why Robin Williams Died, and Why It Matters" - Many Americans are dealing with illnesses that some of us don't know exist, and we should be compassionate, not condemning.

When is it normal pressure facing college students, and when might it be a serious illness?  "The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students" gives some insight.

From PE News: "Set Free" - An Assemblies of God District Superintendent's daughter shares how God used a friend's personal testimony to inspire her to pray for her own complete healing from depression, and how her testimony is now reaching out to others.  

Crisis/Critical Incident

What happens when the uninsured need end-of-life care? Read one sobering story: "The Devastating Process of Dying in America without Insurance".

When an AG pastor lost his wife and his left leg to someone else's decision to drink and drive, it was hard to imagine anything good coming from the situation. From PE News: "Good Things--Expected and Unexpected"

New York Times, April 2016: "U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High," reporting on an alarming trend and linking to related articles about possible contributing factors.

"Women Feel the Stress" - PE News reports on the drop in life expectancy for women due to increases in opioid addictions and suicide.

"Stopping Traffic for Grief" - a pastor reflects on the importance of showing kindness to the grieving by slowing down to allow a funeral procession to stay connected as they pass.

7 Billion Ones: Springfield, Missouri photojournalist team Randy and Shannon Bacon created their website to share and put faces with the incredible stories of pain, poverty, devastating life circumstances, illness, and disability and the remarkable people who live those stories. 

From the CRC network - Parents share their daughter's journey to recover from a horrific car accident in this article, "Yearning, Treasuring, Hoping"


From PE News: "Understanding and Reaching Children with Autism for Christ" - tips from families of children with autism, including U.S. missionary Joe Butler, about ways church staff can support and better understand these children and make them feel welcome at church. See also  "Filling the Special Needs Gap" - How one church has adapted children's ministry to make special needs children feel welcomed and loved.

From the CRC network:  In a moment's time an active, athletic dad becomes a paraplegic - "When Disability Suddenly Strikes" 

"Differently Abled" - using King David's interactions with Saul's grandson Mephibosheth as a guide, this blog post examines what churches are doing to make the gospel and Christian fellowship accessible to everyone, and what might be done differently.

"The Champions Club" - Rockford First Assembly treats special needs children and youth like champions, with their own specially-designed ministry facilities.

"Confined to Nursing Homes, but Longing (and Ready) for Home" - a look at several individual cases and the intersection of programs and services that would allow them to be treated just as efficiently and at less cost in their own homes, or even to return to productive employment.

Domestic Violence

"From Fragile Soul to Faithful Advocate" - From PE News - After fleeing an abusive husband, a young woman turns her experiences into a passion to help others.

From the HuffPost blog - "Can Family Courts Protect Children Exposed to Domestic Violence?" - Analysis of the effects on children of having witnessed domestic violence or being placed in a shared custody situation when one parent has been abusive, calling for better education in the court system about the dynamics of abuse.

"Women Vets and Violence" - A new Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program is helping veterans who are victims of domestic abuse get the help they need.


"To Attract Young People to Your Church, You've Got to Be Warm. Not Cool." - From the Washington Post, this article establishes statistically and anecdotally that young people are looking for connection.

 A Hawaiian AG congregation is having a huge impact on their local public schools.  Read about it in "Pastor Makes Students A Priority, Sees Dozens Come to Christ" from PE News.

 "Sending and Receiving in Campus Ministry" - Tips for students leaving your home congregation for college, and for welcoming students who move to your area for school. 

"Data Are Critical for High-Mobility Students" - Discussion of the need to measure progress of homeless and foster children, as well as military and others who move frequently, as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

"Read in a Quiet Place for a Better Life" - Book readers live an average of two years longer than non-readers?  Just one of the many physical and emotional benefits of cultivating the habit of reading, according to this article.

In addition to the obvious costs of damage to communities, do protests and unrests have a hidden cost in lowered student success in the area schools?  Using data from Ferguson, Missouri, Brookings Institute ponders this question in "Students Flounder Amidst Civic Unrest".


"It All Starts With One" - a husband and wife photography/journalism team tackle tough problems in their hometown and give a voice to those who wouldn't otherwise be heard.

"Losing A Patient" - This beautifully written piece, from the physician's point of view, brings together the complex issues of homelessness, immigration, and chronic illness with a poignant question about what we can do better.

Human Trafficking

From the Care Net blog: "Researchers Uncover Disturbing Link Between Sex Trafficking and Abortion" - many women having abortions are there because a pimp forces them to be there. And many clinics don't ask about violence or trafficking.

 "AG Women Wage War Against Sex Industry" -  Interviews with women leaders in the Assemblies of God who minister to women trapped in the sex and porn industry (PE News). 

What can parents to do keep their kids safe online? Vital Magazine offers some helpful suggestions in "Guarding Our Kids Online: How to Make Technology Safer."  

A parent shares his personal shock at learning of the prevalence of child sex trafficking in America in "Youth Sex Trafficking: America's Hidden Slavery." This article is a good primer of the issue and an introduction to precautions parents can take to protect their children.


Immigrants & Refugees

From PE News: "Ripe for Harvest" - God is doing great things among Florida's Arabic refugees.

Blog post at "Smart Girls" by actress Sarah Wayne Callies on "5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Refugees"

 Newer Americans, especially those sponsoring additional family members, may not know how to access critical services when they need them. Read "The Devastating Process of Dying in America without Insurance."

"The Nations Come to Phoenix" - U.S. Missionaries Wayne and Drue Huffman blend vital helpful services for immigrants and refugees with an opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

"Resettled Gratitude" - A Springfield, Missouri, church bridging the gap to a new culture for Russian and other Slavic immigrants.


Poverty & Hunger

830 children sharing a single age-appropriate book sounds like something from a third-world country, right?  Wrong--how about a poor neighborhood in Washington, D.C.?  "NYU Study Identifies 'Book Deserts' Across the Country" reports on the shocking research and its implications for poor children in terms of school readiness and future success.

"A New Church Planting Model?" - A Springfield, Missouri, partnership is revitalizing a neighborhood by turning an unused school building into a multi-use community social and spiritual center. 

Do certain habits ingrained during a poverty-filled childhood stay with a person for his or her entire life, even affecting their health as an adult?  Interesting research on "The Crippling Thing about Growing Up Poor That Stays with You Forever," in the Washington Post.

 "The Trouble with Student Loans" - This research examines the students most likely to default on loans, and it's not necessarily the ones with the most debt.  Instead, students who borrow to attend for-profit or other easy-access schools, even though their debt is lower, often face challenges in finishing their course of study and finding employment sufficient to pay their loans.  Are low-income students trapped?

"Three Simple Rules Poor Teens Should Follow to Join the Middle Class" - It turns out the old-fashioned way, apparently, works.  Brookings Institute presents research showing that teens who finish high school, get a job, and wait until age 21 to get married and start a family--in that order--have a much better chance of moving into the middle class.

"How to Help Those in Need (Without Treating Them Like Beggars)" - From Christianity Today, this article explores ways well-meaning Christians can move from short-term projects and trips to take "stuff", into transformative action that truly benefits the communities they feel called to help.

Bad choices and lack of personal responsibility? An insurmountable set of circumstances and overshelming lack of opportunity? This editorial-opinion piece by award-winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof explores the causes of poverty and why an extreme position one way or the other may not be a constructive idea. In another op-ed piece, Kristof reflects on the death of a friend who faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, causing him to question whether the U.S. is a "land of opportunity" or a "land of limitations."

What's better than a gift of money or "stuff" to the poor and marginalized? A gift of hope, according to this thoughtful article by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, "The Power of Hope is Real." Using the example of a gift of livestock, the article examines how families and communities began to see beyond their immediate circumstances and start to turn things around.

"War on Poverty Penalizes Parents Who Marry": Thought-provoking article about how welfare programs discourage marriage, in spite of research indicating that children in single-parent homes are at higher risk for several troubling factors.

Many churches or youth groups go on mission trips.  But what about needs right in the local community? Read how an Arkansas church created a mission trip right in their own backyard: "Our Jerusalem".



Recently in PE News: "Learned Lessons Paid Forward" - After 17 years in prison, a convicted felon turns his life around, earns a bachelor's degree and ministerial credentials, and now serves as a counselor in the facility where he was once incarcerated!

Hidden victims of crime, the inmate's family, suffer too - "The Impact of Incarceration on Caregivers"

Series from St. Louis Public Radio: "Juveniles Need Support Outside to Maintain Changes Learned in Detention" and from National Public Radio, book review, "'Burning Down the House' Makes the Case Against Juvenile Incarceration"

From prison to church planter - "Total Transformation" shares a Springfield, Missouri, pastor's story as he graduates from seminary with a master's degree.

Discussion of prison reform has spurred interest in equipping prisoners for re-entry.  Learn more about the importance of helping ex-offenders find housing and work and overcome stigma: Read "The Struggles of the Return,"  and "The 'IF' Project," from the Prison Fellowship blog, and "How to Help Former Inmates Thrive," from the NY Times opinion page.

A federal judge may have charted a new course for re-entry by issuing a "certificate of rehabilitation," enabling a former offender to move forward with establishing a new life and getting a job.  Read "Forgiving without Forgetting."

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