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Many Americans can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001, when they heard the news of terrorist attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon. Over 2,700 people who boarded airplanes or went to work that morning did not make it home to their families.

What if an event of that magnitude happened every day in the United States? Following 9/11, volunteers and extra rescue personnel were on hand to help. Church attendance increased, and prayer vigils were held. If that many people were senselessly and ruthlessly being killed each day, would the Church want to find ways to intervene?

The reality is that over 2,000 Americans are being killed each day. It doesn't make the news, though, because it is happening in the nation's abortion clinics. Over 2,000 people each day are deprived of the chance to live, love, or contribute productively to society. And a corresponding number of women will live with the emotional and physical consequences, often with very minimal information provided to them before making their decision.

Isn't it time for the Church to act?


Do you need help right now?

Option Line from Heartbeat International - Talk to a caring counselor via live chat, text, email, or phone to learn more about your options for an unintended pregnancy and get a referral to a pregnancy help center near you. Text HELPLINE to 313131 or call 1-800-712-4357. You can also read privately about how to find out for sure if you're pregnant, what to do if someone is pressuring you to have an abortion, and other questions you may have.

Pregnancy Decision Line from Care Net - Browse this informative site privately for answers to things like "How do I know if I'm pregnant?" or "How can I get care if I don't have insurance?" Or call 877-791-5475 to talk with someone who can explain your options, send you information, and help you find care in your local area.


Statistics and FAQs

Who is having abortions, and why? How many women, of what ages? Are they mostly single or married? Have they experienced assault or domestic violence? Knowing the facts and statistics for your community can help you decide how to best get involved.

Care Net's Top 40 Abortion Statistics - Compiled by the pro-life pregnancy help center coalition Care Net, this free downloadable is a thorough reference tool, with links to the primary sources.

"Abortion Fast Facts" from the CNN library

Abortion Surveillance from the national Centers for Disease Control - Data compiled by the CDC from 49 reporting areas (most states plus New York City and the District of Columbia) helps provide a picture of what is going on in various communities or parts of the country.

Guttenmacher Institute - Originally founded as the Center for Family Planning Development in response to concerns about overpopulation and unwanted pregnancy, this pro-choice institute provides accurate statistics along with an interesting look at pro-choice analysis of state and federal policies relating to reproduction and family planning.


How can the Church help?

U.S. Missions, as a division of the Assemblies of God, holds a strongly pro-life position in agreement with the Assemblies of God position paper, "Sanctity of Human Life: Abortion." We believe there are many ways concerned Christians and churches can be actively pro-life in their communities, including the following:

- Practical and emotional support for women facing a difficult or unexpected pregnancy.

- Healing support for post-abortive women, as well as for the men involved. 

- Loving but truthful sermons and educational materials about what an abortion entails.

- Preventative programs such as relationship skills, finances, fatherhood, and youth programs.

- Adoption education and support, including practical assistance to foster and adoptive families. (See more about this topic here.)

- Support for pregnancy help centers in the community (see "5 Things Pastors Need to Know about Pregnancy Centers" from Care Net).

- Hosting or sponsoring an educational event.

For more detail, see the U.S. Missions Philosophy of Ministry on this topic.


Speakers and U.S. Missionaries


Curriculum and church training

From Care Net - "Making Life Disciples" - Churches can offer this video training series to help address underlying issues and equip couples to make life-affirming choices. Additional resources include an informative, timely blog and free downloadable e-books.

"Life Is Best" DVD - Highly recommended by several leading pro-life and apologetics ministries, this series of 13 episodes plus study guide is a great way to equip your family, Sunday school, small group, or youth group with the truth about abortion and how to answer the pro-choice position with reasoned, biblically sound arguments.

"Church Toolkit" - from The Human Coalition - Sermon suggestions, online and media resources, videos, and more for increasing congregational awareness, motivating volunteers, and showing grace and compassion to women and men in the church whose past includes abortion.

"Activate Your Church" section from Heartbeat International - Regardless of your church's size or budget, you'll find helpful tips on things you can do or say right now to make a difference for life in your town or worldwide.

Ramah International offers resources for recovery support ministry leaders, including free downloadables.


Healing and recovery

Abortion Recovery Program from Ramah International - This 9-week study is written by Sydna Masse, a leading voice in post-abortion healing and recovery and the former manager of crisis pregnancy ministries for Focus on the Family. It addresses the many emotions involved in healing and the grief process, and incorporates Bible study into each week. The "Her Choice to Heal" website, separate from the group study, offers private online sessions and a safe place for those grieving an abortion to share and discuss their journey.


Coalitions and other resources

Heartbeat International - Support network for pregnancy help centers worldwide. Support includes training and certification materials, job postings for centers, pregnancy help center management software, and fellowship and encouragement at the annual conference. The Option Line puts those facing a difficult pregnancy decision in immediate contact with a caring worker via text, live chat, or phone, with links to additional help and a local affiliate center. 

Care Net - This nonprofit organization supports a network of pregnancy help centers throughout North America, plus the Decision Line real-time call center. Their mission encompasses not only saving the unborn, but promoting abundant life for families, making sure each woman and man involved in a pregnancy decision has access to life-affirming, Christ-centered resources.

National Right to Life - As one of the oldest pro-life organizations in the United States, National Right to Life offers statistics, training, legislative updates, and ways to get involved, including a list of state affiliates.

Students for Life - Training, local groups, legislative updates, and more, designed for involvement among high school and college students and young adults. Website has special sections for medical students and law students.

Save the Storks - Partnering with local pregnancy help centers, churches, and other groups to outfit mobile ultrasound units. By going where the need is--college campuses, the street near abortion clinics, outreach events--Save the Storks gives women the chance to see their baby via ultrasound, for free. 4 out of 5 women using the mobile service choose life for their babies!

And Then There Were None - Coalition of former abortion clinic workers whose goal is to end abortion "from the inside out" by showing grace and understanding to clinic workers and helping them to leave the industry.

"Raising Kids on a Shoestring" - Blog of "free, frugal, and creative solutions" for moms, by moms. The Education section is full of tips for young mothers who want to finish their education or go back to school. Also has good sections for paternal support, birth mothers, and more.

School programs and prevention


The abortion/trafficking/violence connection


Suggested books and articles

"Having A Child with Down Syndrome Is Good for Your Marriage" - Reflecting on the number of babies that are aborted following a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, a father reflects on the ways he and his wife have grown closer and learned valuable spiritual and practical lessons from raising their daughter. Cites research indicating that couples who have a child with Down Syndrome have a lower divorce rate than couples whose children have no disabilities. From the CRCNA Disability Concerns network.

From the Care Net blog - "Five Promises Abortion Couldn't Keep" - Through the years, pro-abortion activists have argued that abortion would reduce child abuse, divorce, poverty, and illegitimate births, and increase opportunities for women. Has this happened?








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